Top 10 iPhone Apps for Health Professionals

The life of a health professional can be mentally and physically taxing. Fortunately, health professionals can use their iPhones to gain access to apps specially designed to make their time more manageable. The following list comprises the top ten iPhone apps that health professionals can use to help them in their career.


hd icd9 for iphone

1. ICD9 Consult 2013

This app contains the entire ICD9 medical billing code index, fully updated for 2013. With ICD9 Consult 2013, health professionals can instantly access any medical code that a situation calls for, without the need for thumbing through a bulky, cumbersome printed handbook.



hd medical spanish for iphone

2. Medical Spanish

A rapidly growing Spanish-speaking population requires health professionals to have a firm grasp on Spanish medical phrases. This app can search for any phrase needed and has a conjugation function to ensure correct word use. The Medical Spanish app even has audio functionality to let the user hear a phrase as it is supposed to be spoken.



hd rx writer for iphone

3. Rx-Writer

Writing prescriptions by hand can become time-consuming. Rx-Writer instantly sends a prescription through a secure connection to a fax machine in any pharmacy. The app can also store up to 250 patient entries, allowing the user to simply click on the appropriate file and order a prescription refill in an instant.



hd arup consult for iphone

4. ARUP Consult

Health professionals must retain a vast amount of knowledge to make accurate diagnoses. ARUP Consult stores over 300 topics regarding diseases and clinical topics. The app developers issue regular and comprehensive updates to keep the app up to date.



hd medimath for iphone

5. MediMath Medical Calculator

Health professionals frequently have to compute complex math problems. For example, they must calculate amounts in both standard and metric configurations for injections or dosages. MediMath Medical Calculator provides 139 individual calculators and scoring devices to make on-the-spot calculations more accurate and easier to accomplish.



hd first consult for iphone

6. First Consult

First Consult is an app that stores a large repository of accurate clinical data on the user’s iPhone. This lets health professionals search for the medical information they need at the point of care when they don’t have access to a WiFi hotspot or a data connection.



hd ecg for iphone

7. ECGsource

This app was developed by the designers of the largest electrocardiogram information database on the Internet. It provides a searchable index of all of this information, as well as diagnostic criteria. It even provides high resolution images and video tutorials to familiarize users with proper ECG use.



hd monster anatomy

8. Monster Anatomy HD – Lower Limb

This app provides high-definition, 3D images of lower limb structure and anatomy that can be viewed from three anatomical planes. It can display over 500 labels to identify different lower limb structures and has a dedicated view mode for bones, joints, muscles, blood vessels and nerves.



hd paramedic protocol for iphone

9. Paramedic Protocol Provider

This app is designed with paramedics in mind. It provides offline access to over 300 field treatment procedures so that paramedics can quickly and accurately select the appropriate course of action when responding to an emergency call.



hd medpage today for iphone

10. MedPage Today Mobile

MedPage Today delivers the latest news in medical developments like treatments, medications and clinical data to the user’s iPhone. It updates over 30 different topics daily and brings coverage of over 60 medical conferences straight to the user’s iPhone each year.