5 Helpful Apps for Nursing Students

There are many helpful apps for nursing students and varying medical majors out there. Which of these in particular are the best apps for nursing students’ needs specifically? Let’s take a look at five of the most helpful and beneficial of options in this niche line of apps.

Essential Skeleton 4

Any student studying in areas of human anatomy and physiology can benefit from an interactive breakdown of the human body. Essential skeleton provides just this experience, with specific regard to the skeletal system. Users of the app can interact with, name, and analyze each individual component to the human skeleton.

A huge distinction of this app is its visual clarity. The 3D renderings provided are quite detailed and offer a very deep and complete, visual learning aide. The added ability to zoom in provides even more descriptive imagery. Take a quiz, name bones, or just marvel at our skeletal design – once in the app, the nursing student has plenty to discover.

Pocket Body

In the specific arena of helpful apps for nursing students, this one ranks highly. Pocket Body is a very popular app that provides a complete 3D model of the body. Especially focused-on are the areas of the muscular and nervous systems. The visual experience offered to medical students by this app are extremely helpful because of the otherwise general difficulty in memorizing the anatomical parts covered therein.

The app is a very detailed, interactive map of the human body. There are also quizzes built in to test the learner’s progress. Additionally, and of great importance to many students, the app features a note and pin system with which users can pin personal notes throughout their 3D body.

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Nurse’s Pocket Guide

As its name implies, this extremely helpful app for nursing students provides a very broad guide to typical nursing-related subjects. With one touch, users can pull up diagnosis tools to help diagnose patients as well as further understand diagnostics in treatment. Interventions, treatments, and the ideologies behind them can also be found. In addition, sample care plans, tips and calculators, and plenty of topic reference guides are found within this all-inclusive and extremely useful nursing app.


The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing published an analysis of 40 years worth of studies on nurse diagnoses. The results were startling. Clearly illustrated were the extreme importance of accurate diagnoses as well as a lush history of trouble with the subject of diagnoses in the nursing world in particular.

With this all said, nursing students can certainly benefit from an official symptom and diagnosis-assisting resource. Symptomia provides this exact service, acting as a deep database of symptoms, symptom analysis, and subsequent guidance on diagnosis. The app is easy to use, designed for simplicity, and very deep in its database on human conditions.


Web MD’s MedScape app is an authoritative and very complete resource tool for anyone in the medical field. One great offering of this app is its provision of up-to-the-minute news bits on all kinds of medical field topics. In addition, it provides diagnostic aids, visual models, and ailment-specific research tools. Perhaps the biggest attraction to the app however is its formulary of over 8,00 generic and brand-name drugs. This resource itself is an immeasurably important quick-reference tool for doctors, nurses, and students alike.

There is a lot to know when it comes to getting the necessary education and ultimately becoming a nurse. The complexity of our bodies and the responsibility levels inherent in medically treating them combine, thus calling for extensive knowledge and education ahead of such work. These five of the most helpful apps for nursing students are sure to help make the journey that much easier.