Resource Guide for Health Professionals

Health is a rising concern in modern society. The more we learn about illness, the more overwhelming it can be for the average person to keep tabs on all the advancements and innovations in the medical world. This resource guide aims to provide readers with a list of thirty high quality resources that are accessible whether you are a medical professional or not. The list is broken up into five categories consisting of General Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Mental Health and Happiness, and Medical Health.

General Health

  • Harvard Health Publications is responsible for printing Harvard journals, magazines, and creating web content for the purpose of disseminating practical health information and research.
  • World Health Organization publishes a wide range of journals, newsletters, and magazines addressing major global health issues. The subjects range from practical application and travel safety to in-depth research and statistics.
  • The National Institutes of Health website is devoted to providing readers with important information on every aspect of health. The NIH is the foremost organization responsible for helping to fund research projects.
  • Centers for Disease Control is responsible for controlling the outbreak of infectious disease and other public health risks. The website contains useful information for staying healthy. The CDC is one of the leading research organizations for public health related risks.
  • Prevention Magazine is focused on general health and is one of the oldest, best known health magazines available today. The magazine runs articles covering everything from healthy recipes to staying healthy as you age.
  • The Mayo Clinic website is one of the best general health resources available with everything from a symptom checker to access to some of the leading treatment research for many of the nation’s deadliest diseases.


  • Livestrong Fitness is a sub-section of the Livestrong organization which promotes a healthy, well rounded lifestyle. The website offers insights into how the average person with all the pressures of life can still find time to be fit and healthy.
  • Runner’s World is a website all about running, the go-to form of cardiovascular exercise for many. There is a science behind running that includes strategies for long term success which includes running under the right conditions, how to maintain consistency, and choosing the right equipment for the style of running you prefer. This website covers it all.
  • Fitness Magazine is available both in print and online. The website offers shorter articles while the longer form articles are more likely to be published in the print edition. The magazine covers primarily fitness, though it does include articles on the importance of proper nutrition when embracing a fitness routine.
  • Men’s Fitness features articles that cover nearly every aspect of a man’s life. From the effect of physical health on the sex life, to strength training routines, cardio routines, proper eating, equipment reviews and more.
  • Shape is all about helping women be healthy and feel good about themselves. The magazine focuses on more than just fitness routines but fitness is still the primary subject matter in the magazine and most, if not all articles deal with various issues from a fitness perspective.
  • Ace Fitness features web tools geared toward helping you create a personalized fitness routine. Now, just having a routine doesn’t necessarily make you more likely to stick to it, but they also provide an easy way to look up Ace certified trainers in your location.


  • features content consisting of everything the government believes you need to know about nutrition. The website offers readers diet guidelines, recipe suggestions, shopping advice, and research.
  • Eat Right, offers strategies for getting those reluctant eaters to eat healthy foods. The advice on the website spans all age brackets from children to the elderly.
  • Harvard Nutrition is a website of the Harvard School of Public Health. The website features material on a wide range of nutrition issues. The articles are based on in depth research, but are written to be accessible to a broad audience.
  • Senior Journal is a valuable and rare resource that covers the myriad unique health issues faced by senior citizens with a particular focus on nutrition. Senior Journal is a great resource for the elderly, their loved ones, and caretakers.
  • Guy Gourmet is the nutrition section of the Men’s Health magazine website. The site deals with nutrition from a man’s perspective and features articles on creating healthy foods that still taste good and satisfy the nutrition needs of men.
  • Women’s Health Nutrition is the nutrition portion of Women’s Health magazine and approaches the subject with an understanding of the unique health needs of women.

Mental Health and Happiness

  • Psychology Today is an important mental health publication, devoted to bridging the gap between scientific research, academically oriented journals, and the average person. The magazine features useful tips for improving mental health, publishes longer form articles on pressing mental health issues, and shares advice and research with a broad audience.
  • Scientific American-Mind takes a scientific approach to mental health and happiness. The magazine deeply examines mental health trends, the effect of modern innovations in technology and the sciences on mental health, and delves into the innermost workings of the mind.
  • Psychologies is a UK based publication devoted to exploring the impact of every day decisions and circumstances on mental health. The magazine offers insights into everything from combating depression to building confidence in your personal life and the workplace.
  • Find Treatment is a government service offered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, part of the Department of Health and Human Services. Find Treatment is a tool for locating mental health services in your region.
  • Delivering Happiness isn’t your average corporation. The goal of this organization is to advance the cause of happiness around the world. The founder of Delivering Happiness is determined to prove that companies devoted to helping their employees achieve happiness will be more successful on all fronts.
  • Mental Health America is the premier advocacy organization for mental health policy. The organization is also devoted to researching the impact of mental health trends and educating the world about the impact of mental health on society and culture.

Medical Health

  • Discover Magazine has a portion of their website devoted to health and medicine. The articles featured are focused on everything from fighting cancer to preventing outbreaks. The website takes many complex issues of health and medicine and communicates what can be done about them on an accessible level, making the magazine a quality resource for professionals and laypersons alike.
  • Science Daily features news and articles on some of the most prevalent medical issues, advancements and innovations of our time.
  • Medscape is a medical news website that categorizes its past articles according to what medical issues they address, making it easy to look up information on a wide variety of medical matters.
  • WebMD is famous for its main function which is to help people identify what kinds of illnesses go with which symptoms. The site is not intended to be used for self diagnosis, but is intended to help people determine whether or not a doctor visit is warranted. The site also features articles on various issues in the medical field.
  • Health Central approaches medical issues from many different angles. From educating people on little known symptoms of well known illnesses and medical events to highlighting some of the best preventative measures available to those seeking to stave off specific health issues, Health Central has a plethora of medical information available.
  • Medline Plus is a website of the National Institutes of Health and is devoted to educating people on major medical issues in accessible language. The website is easily laid out so that users may look specifically for information on things that affect seniors, children, men, women, or all of thee above.