5 Great Careers in Nutrition

5 Top Nutrition Careers

  • Public Health Nutritionists
  • Clinical Dietitians
  • Health and Wellness Coaches
  • Weight Management Experts
  • Nutrition Instructors

Careers in nutrition are increasing at a rapid pace as more and more people are concerned with their health. Choosing a career in this highly-rewarding field offers an abundance of opportunities, and nutrition specialists can even choose to work independently if they wish. A sample of the opportunities available to nutrition graduates can be found in the sections that follow.

1. Public Health Nutritionists

Some of the most popular nutrition careers today are those in the public health sector. The main responsibility of public health nutritionists is to make sure that the nutritional needs of individuals within a community are met. They accomplish this through such things as educational programs, nutrition counseling, the distribution of health and wellness materials, and food assistance when needed. Common work environments for these professionals include public health centers, WIC programs, government agencies, and educational facilities.

2. Clinical Dietitians

Clinical dietitians are employed by a variety of medical facilities to ensure that patients receive the nutrition they need while in recovery. There are many specialties associated with clinical dietetics, and some of the most common are pediatrics, diabetes, and renal care. Some clinical dietitians also choose to specialize in nutrition support, which involves nutrition obtained through feeding tubes or IVs. Persons who choose one of these careers in nutrition qualify for positions in such facilities as hospitals, nursing homes, and out-patient medical centers.

3. Health and Wellness Coaches

To help keep employees in good health and to keep insurance costs at a minimum, many businesses and insurance companies employ the services of health and wellness coaches. Common duties of these experts include advising employees about health issues, conducting biometric surveys, and providing educational materials pertaining to health and wellness. Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that positions in this field will grow by as much as 16 percent over the next several years.

4. Weight Management Experts

Other terrific careers in nutrition are those involved with weight management. Weight management experts work with a variety of clients including border-line and diagnosed diabetics, people with osteoarthritis or other bone deficiencies, and people who simply want to keep their weights at acceptable levels. Nutrition graduates who choose this path are often employed in such places as independent clinics, weight-loss clinics, fitness centers, healthcare facilities, and rehabilitation centers.

5. Nutrition Instructors

Nutrition instructors are employed by a variety of organizations including high schools, colleges and universities, local and state governments, businesses, non-profits, weight-loss centers, and research centers. The main responsibilities of nutrition instructors are to teach people about proper nutrition, health and wellness, and exercise. Other duties may include creating educational curriculum, assisting with clinical trials, and advising clients when necessary.

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Health students specializing in nutrition will be delighted to learn that there is a wealth of great job opportunities waiting for them after graduation. Careers in nutrition are many and varied, and the five careers described above are certainly worth examining further.