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Geek's Guide to Fitness

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The editors at Best Health Degrees decided to research the topic of:

The Geek's Guide to Fitness

Sitting in front of a computer 9 hours a day bobbing your head to sick techno beats won't burn enough calories to keep you geek-sleek. Geeks can be just as fit as the next guy they just go about it their own way.

Outdoor Geek-fitting

- Wide-brimmed Indiana Jones(tm) hat for shade during rare ventures outdoors
- Sweatband with obscure programming reference: "RunSQL"
- Beta Google goggle glasses
- Running T-shirt featuring an ironic photo of the geek himself, running
- Heart-rate monitor and calorie-counter digital watch in Hackers electric blue
- Bluetooth heart rate strap for the iPhone
- iPhone 5 armband for optimum GPS signal
- Apps include CrunchFu, Techno Party and Zombies, Run!
- Tunes include techno beats and the "Legend of Zelda" soundtrack
- Nike+ FuelBand complete with video game-style point system
- Gold Vibram five-toe shoes, because they look like robot feet

Indoor Geek-fitting

- Talking digital scale connected to an iPad by Bluetooth
- Sweaty, discarded GeekDad T-shirt
- iHealth BP5 blood pressure monitor and dock
- 55-inch LED flat-screen TV playing Anchorman pool scene for fit-bod inspiration
- Exercise bike with built-in computer desk
- Pair with wrist sweatbands
- Gamercize step pedals plugged into an Atari 2600

On the shelf

- Just Dance 4 (dirty secret hidden behind Star Wars DVDs)
- Dance Dance Revolution and TechnoMotion with plastic dance pads
- A dog-eared copy of Bruce W. Perry's Fitness for Geeks

Top Geek-ercise Routines

- Warbiking: Riding an exercise bike while playing "World of Warcraft"
- Key accessory: A beverage to restore mana
- Longwindedness: Get those face muscles going by talking about a favorite niche interest, like the iPad Mini, techno workout beats or the Tron sequel.
- Key accessory: Math Fun Facts app
- Bikram IEEEXtreme: 24-hour programming competitions in 105-degree rooms. Few survive.
- Key accessory: Pizza and Cheetos. Don't worry, you'll burn it off.
- Comic-Con Parkour: With as many costumes as there are at these conventions, you might actually boost your life meter by stepping on a Super Mario mushroom.
- Key accessory: Gold coins
- Technoparading: Throwing confetti and jumpstyling on a lovemobile can really work up a sweat.
- Key accessory: German phrasebook
- Exergaming: If no one will resurrect your WoW character, try other video games that incorporate exercise.
- For the vintage game-lover, try 1986's Computrain: Bike through a virtual landscape with the help of a Nintendo NES.
- Key accessory: Any T-shirt from 1986
- Finger breakdancing: 1. Practice extensively. 2. Record an iPhone video. 3. Upload to YouTube. 4. Sweat the page views.
- Key accessory: Finger sneakers
- Not everyone can look like Will Ferrell, but any geek can look too vogue for code with the help of some gadget-geared gymnastics. So slip on some IronMan pajamas, power up and pump those Wii weights!