5 Jobs With a Health Science Degree

For those that have already obtained their health science degree, there are many, valuable health science jobs now available to you. All you have to do at this point is look. This is if you have a specific career goal in mind already. If not, we’re here to help. Here are five, great health science jobs of today that you can proudly pursue.

Clinical Researcher

As stated by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, clinical research is “research that directly involves a particular person or group of people, or that uses materials from humans, such as their behavior or samples of their tissue.” The job of the clinical researcher is therefore to study the efficacy of drugs and other treatments on patients via these means and methods. This career choice is great for those that enjoy making a difference via raw, scientific process, trials, and observation.

Healthcare Delivery Director

The ways in which healthcare is delivered are diverse and quite numerous. The healthcare delivery director is the expert that maintains quality delivery practices within a specific healthcare organization. How do patients feel about the facility? How effective is the current doctor-patient ratio? What technologies can be incorporated into the practice so as to boost overall efficacy and modernized operations? This important professional must answer questions like these with regard to their healthcare organization on a regular basis.

Health Researcher

Health researchers are responsible for attaining information previously unknown with regard to human health. This statement may seem broad, as it is – and appropriately so. The health researcher may be assigned to research countless topics of interest at any time by their employer. Profit and health-driven goals alike often shape the nature of such research. Someone working in this career of daily discoveries may work for a private pharmaceutical company, a government health agency, or even an individual in search of solid human health data.

Public Health Inspector

Everywhere you go in public, assessments and measures to assure your safety and health have been taken. Enter the public health inspector. It is the job of the public health inspector to first inspect all areas of public facilities and establishments for safety and health concerns. Second, the inspector enforces local, state, and federal code with regard to these areas if violations are found and subsequently neglected. This important job utilizes the health science degree in a manner directly involved with public health, safety, and quality of life for people in your community, right now.

Public Health Administrator

The public health administrator is another, important job that affects people right at ground-level. This expert in health science often works for the government or a non-profit organization in the effort to buffer public health concerns in an area. For example, in struggling, inner-city areas, the administrator would likely focus more on community outreach and programs that would hone in on birth control, sexually transmitted disease, and drug and alcohol issues in the area. In a less plagued community, the public health administrator may focus on community programs and outreach with regard to doctor well-visits, cancer screening, and nutrition and exercise. Customized attention to the needs of the community is the name of the game here.

Health science is all about the ways in which our health is tended-to by the professional community. These five career choices in this field are certainly excellent ways to help others and also experience an amazing career all at once. The promising world of health science jobs awaits you and your skills and credentials.