What Are The Best Healthcare Careers To Get Into In 2014?

Anybody that works in the world of medicine and healthcare will be the first ones to tell you how rewarding and fulfilling it is. While the status of employment in the US continues to cause a bit of unease, the healthcare industry is as booming as ever. According to Careers for Healthcare, these are five different healthcare careers that are on fire right now, and would be worth the time and effort to get into.


As you would expect, nursing is one of the most popular and highly sought out positions in the medical field. Not only is it a rewarding career to pursue, but the demand is higher than ever before. An aspiring nursing student has many options on his/her hands; they have the choice of working in any specialty ranging anywhere from oncology to elder care. Many types of healthcare institutions are in need of nurses, and the median salary earned among nurses turns out to bbe a whopping $65,690/year.


Dentistry will always be a hot field to go into as long as people keep caring about their smiles and oral hygiene. The median salary among dentists across the country turns out to be $142,740/year, and that means it is well worth putting in the time to work towards this particular area in medicine. People that aspire to work in dentistry can expect to take classes in anatomy, physics, chemistry, and periodontology. While an average of 8 years is what it typically takes after high school to become a licensed dentist, the payout and rewards highly outweigh it.


Another hot and lucrative field in medicine that many people are jumping towards is pharmacology. While you probably wouldn’t classify a pharmacist alongside nurses, doctors, or physicians, they make just as big of an impact in the healthcare field as everyone else. They also make quite the paycheck to show for it; the median salary currently sits at $113,000/year. By 2020, pharmocology is a field that is expected to grow in size by 25.4%. Extra perks that are included with going into pharmocology include lower average stress levels than other healthcare jobs and loads of opportunities for advancement.

Physical Therapy

As you would more than likely assume, there is still plenty of work available for physical therapists, and it only continues to grow. Physical therapists work with all types of people and help them to do everything from regaining their muscle strength from injuries to working with paralytics. Job growth in physical therapy is expected to grow by 39%, and the median salary currently shows $78,270.

General Medical Practice

Lastly, general medical practice is a lucrative field for anyone to get into that wants to go into medicine by way of becoming a physician or doctor. Those who work in general medical practice can expect to assist the public in all types of ways including by treating patients, administering preventative medication, and providing universal care. Medical practice churns out a median salary of $183,170 and the field is expected to grow by 24%. As you would assume, becoming a physician is a very real specialization to consider for those interested in medicine.

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