5 Top Careers in Biomedical Engineering

5 Great Biomedical Engineering Careers

  • Researcher
  • Materials Engineer
  • Physician
  • Quality Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer

Careers in biomedical engineering are on the rise and in-demand. This field is a combination of engineering and healthcare. Because specialized knowledge of complex subjects is needed to enter this profession, salaries tend to be quite high. This industry involves using engineering principles to create solutions for the medical field and to develop the types of devices that change the lives of people affected by severe medical conditions or limitations. Continue reading to discover some of the more popular jobs for biomedical engineers.

1. Researcher

Researchers work behind the scenes in all sorts of fields to optimize user experience and to ensure the safety of the public. When it comes to biomedical engineering, these researchers are using their specialized knowledge to discover the solutions to complex problems affecting people’s health and wellbeing. A frequent part of this job is to research ways to aid in the creation of medical products that are safe and effective. In addition, researchers frequently teach university classes and oversee research laboratories.

2. Materials Engineer

Materials engineers are responsible for the development, production and safe usage of materials used in products for use in the healthcare industry. Such products may include computer chips, pacemakers, hearing aides and prostheses. These scientists even work to develop materials at the micro level that go into the manufacture of larger products. Substances like plastics, composites, ceramics and metals all must be properly formulated and structured in order to be safely used within the human body.They must meet stringent and detailed requirements.


Lots of people might not consider physician to be one of the top careers in biomedical engineering. However, because the academic preparation for this major is so rigorous across the disciplines of math and science, it’s actually the perfect foundation for those wishing to move onto medical school, according to the US News and World Report. A background in this field is perfect preparation for becoming a doctor.

Quality Engineer

People’s very lives are at stake when they use modern technological medical products and devices. That’s why it’s so important that these items be properly manufactured and inspected before going to market. Quality engineers inspect medical devices to be certain they meet structural specifications and requirements. These experts are charged with making modifications when necessary so that products are safe for patient use.

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing engineers play a very vital role when it comes to careers in biomedical engineering. They develop and design the medical products used in the healthcare industry today. Exact and complex knowledge is essential to this type of manufacturing, as the results are a matter of life and death. Devices created by these biomedical engineers include prosthetics, imaging devices, medical instruments and others.

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These are just some of the careers in biomedical engineering. There are so many specialties within this industry. The need for professionals with this highly developed knowledge is great. Medical tech relies on these engineers to create materials used in medical devices, design healthcare products, research proper protocol, teach future scientists and provide medical care. Careers in biomedical engineering are some of the most essential and carry tremendous responsibility.