Top 10 iPad Apps for Health Professionals

We all know how useful iPads can be for personal use, but what about in the doctor’s office? With the ease-of-use and variety of apps available, healthcare professionals are increasingly using the iPad for patient care. Below are the ten top apps currently used by medical and healthcare professionals.


hd merck for ipad

1. The Merck Manual – Professional Edition

The Merck Manual app includes all the text of the print edition. No internet connection is required for use. The Professional Edition lists thousands of diseases and treatments and includes references for patient evaluation and clinical approaches. Bonus features include quick email of topics and complete history of everything reviewed.




hd stat icd for ipad

2. Stat ICD-9 Coder

The Stat ICD-9 Coder app is great for medical coders and independent practitioners. The app has a keyword search function that includes over 14,000 codes and descriptions. No subscription service is required after downloading the app. Quick retrieval and specific descriptions and diagnoses make this one of the best coding apps available for the iPad.




hd pocket body for ipad

3. Pocket Body

This preeminent medical education app has nine layers and several possible views, including cranial and plantar. This is an excellent app for medical students, informing patients and continuing education for medical professionals. All content is included in the app so no internet connection is required for full functionality.




hd epic canto for ipad

4. Epic Canto

Epic Canto works with Epic’s Electronic Health Record. For organizations with this service, the iPad app provides access to records. Access includes clinic schedules and patient information such as health summaries and test results. This app only works with the Electronic Health Record so check with administration for availability before downloading.




hd nimble emr for ipad

5. Nimble EMR

Another electronic records app, Nimble EMR provides comprehensive patient information for medical staff including patient scheduling, charts, ability to order and review lab results, and electronic prescriptions and refills. This app does require WiFi access.




hd mediquations for ipad

6. Mediquations Medical Calculator

Mediquations is a powerful medical calculator app. For a small fee, access is available on all Apple devices. The app includes 230 formulas and scores and easily switches between US and SI units. Easily store favorite equations and print or email results. This app also displays multiple results for each query.




hd medigram for ipad

7. Medigram

Medigram is a collaboration and communication tool. This HIPAA compliant app allows sensitive text and image sharing among colleagues. Every message is sent over SSL and encrypted to ensure security of patient information. Automatically review previous conversations and instantly know when messages have been received.




hd nursing central for ipad

8. Nursing Central

This award winning nursing app includes a database of over 5,000 drugs, 60,000 dictionary entries, comprehensive information on lab and diagnostic tests, as well as descriptions of diseases and disorders. Also included is access to Medline journals and abstracts and exam prep tools. This app requires a paid subscription but downloads, updates and website access are included.




hd mobile mim for ipad

9. Mobile MIM

A powerful medical imaging app, Mobile MIM allows viewing, fusion and display of medical images. Capabilities include ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRI, SPECT and PET. Review contours, DVH and isodose curves. 3D depth-shaded images and MIP movies as well as secure data transfer make this an excellent healthcare app.




hd medibabble for ipad

10. Medibabble Translator

This medical translator tool makes it easy to communicate with foreign language patients. The free app includes thousands of recordings of translated medical questions and instructions. High quality audio and a physical exam feature are easy to use during patient consultations. No internet access is required for use.