5 Great Apps for Pre-Med Students

As a pre-med student, you need a good understanding of human anatomy and other strong skills, and you can learn everything you need to know from some of the top apps for pre-med students. These apps are a great way to improve your skills before enrolling in college and to make sure that you retain all the knowledge you need before going back to school the following fall.


Max Wilbert includes the free app MedCalc on his list of the top apps for pre-med students. Keep in mind that while the app is free to download, you may need to purchase additional content through the app later. As a medical student, you will often find yourself doing simple and advanced calculations both in your classes and while doing your rotations. This handy app comes loaded with more than 300 of the calculations that you need to do and can help you get that data compiled quickly.

Skeletal Anatomy 3D

Once you gain more experience in the medical field, you can identify bones from a simple x-ray. If you have a hard time differentiating between the bones in the human body right now, this app can help. Skeletal Anatomy 3D comes with dozens of 3D images that show you the bones found in the human body. You can zoom in closer, look at specific parts of the body and learn more about more than 100 different bones. The app also comes with a quiz that lets you test your knowledge.

Medscape Mobile

Medscape is one of the top medical websites in the world, and that site now offers a mobile version that ranks among the top apps for pre-med students. When you open this app, you can easily read through all the same articles that you see online, and you can even click on the reference section for each article to find references suitable for use in your next academic paper. Medscape Mobile updates frequently to provide you with the same info you would find on the site, and you can even download a version of the site to use when you don’t have Internet access.

Rubin’s Pathology Flash Cards

As a medical student, you know the name Rubin’s because it’s the company behind a line of pathology flash cards that students like yourself use when preparing for an upcoming exam. While buying those cards is expensive, you can now use the company’s app to get free access to all its flash cards. As one of the top apps for pre-med students, it comes loaded with all the information that you need to know about pathology topics. You can even test yourself with those virtual cards and browse through categories like inflammation, cell injuries and environmental pathology.


Some of the best apps for pre-med students let you have some fun as you study. Prognosis is just one of those apps. This app provides you with a list of symptoms and then asks you to determine the condition associated with those symptoms. It uses fun cartoons and animated images to tell you whether your response was correct. The app also lets you decide how to treat the condition and then tells you what would happen to the patient based on your prognosis.

Medical students spend years preparing to work with their patients, but before going to medical school, most students enroll in a pre-med undergrad program. Some of the top apps for pre-med students work with both Apple and Android devices and let you test your skills, learn more about the human body and even prepare for upcoming exams.

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