5 Telecommuting Jobs in the Healthcare Industry

When you think of becoming a doctor or a nurse, you often think of a hospital or doctor’s clinic. While many healthcare jobs are on-site, there are telecommuting options available. In 2014, there was an increase of 26 percent in telecommuting jobs over the course of the year. An estimated half of Americans work in a job that could be done part-time or full-time via telecommuting. The healthcare industry includes some of these jobs. In addition to allowing you to work from home, telecommuting jobs save the company on overhead costs. For the best telecommuting jobs in healthcare, check out the following five positions.

1. Healthcare Information Specialist

Healthcare information specialists work with other coding specialists to handle medical coding. Unlike medical coding, this job title does not always require a college degree. It does require experience in the field, and having an additional degree can help in getting the job. Individuals in this field work with claims processing, data entry, data modeling and retrieval. Depending on their exact tasks, a healthcare information specialist may be able to do part or all of their job from home. On average, individuals in this field earn an annual pay of $35,900 or $17.26 per hour.

2. Medical Coder

Medical coding involves reviewing patient notes, coding them in the system and managing records. Often, medical coders have to receive an advanced degree or specialized certificates to get a job in this career field. In general, they choose a billing sheet from a stack, read the document and enters key information into the system. As long as the medical coder can access the files from home, they can do all of their work without leaving their house. The median pay for a medical coder is $50,000 annually.

3. Pharmaceutical Representative

While a pharmaceutical representative may rarely go into the office, they are often never at home either. The pharmaceutical representative’s job is to provide drug information and samples to doctors. They work with doctors within a set geographic area to sell certain types of drugs. Often, individuals who work in this field have advanced degrees in medicine, healthcare, business management or related fields. Throughout the day, a pharmaceutical representative will meet with clients, deliver products and monitor prescribing patterns. They are often paid on commission or through commission and base pay. Top pharmaceutical representatives can earn more than $80,000 per year.

4. Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist works to convert voice recordings from doctors and other professionals into a written report. They may review, edit or transcribe medical documents. Since this career field requires knowledge of medical terms and abbreviations, it is important for prospective transcriptionists to spend time getting a degree in the industry. Once hired, a medical transcriptionist can work from home and earn a median pay of $34,750 per year.

5. Research Scientist

Research scientists may be involved in conducting an experiment, typing up results, managing data or finding solutions to healthcare problems. They may assist in the laboratory, conduct tests or perform other activities. This job title can vary greatly, so your ability to telecommute depends entirely on the employer and the position. On average, research scientists earn anywhere from $45,033 to $117,571 per year.

With the right education and employer, it is entirely possible to work from home. Telecommuting jobs often offer better flexibility than traditional job positions. To experience a rewarding and exciting career in healthcare, look into telecommuting positions in the industry.