5 Informative Websites for Nurses

Five Useful Nursing Websites

  • All Nurses
  • Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository
  • American Holistic Nurses Association
  • Nursing Infomatics Learning Center
  • Nursing Times

Nurses are on the front lines of clinical patient care, and they must keep their skills sharp by regularly visiting informative websites for nurses. While nursing is a supportive role, these professionals often spend more time with patients than physicians and, if properly trained, can notice early signs and symptoms of more serious complications. Other nurses assist with procedures, complete dressing changes, and teach patients diabetes management. These specialties along with almost every other area of medicine are constantly evolving, and in order to provide the best patient care, nurses need to stay current on these advances using resources like those listed below.

1. All Nurses

This site is essentially a forum for nurses around the world to share information, ask and answer questions, and provide encouragement. There are different discussion sections for career development, advice for students, and information about working conditions in different specialties. In another part of the website, nursing experts write columns and review products and nursing schools.

2. Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository

Sigma Theta Tau International, a nursing honor society, runs this online journal focusing on academic nursing and research. Any nurse or team can submit research papers related to nursing theory or practice which are then peer-reviewed and potentially published. For readers, the site is well organized allowing users to filter searches based on skill level, date, author name, and subject. One remarkable thing about this journal is that it is available free of charge for both readers and writers.

3. American Holistic Nurses Association

This is an informative website for nurses who focus on treating all aspects of a patient’s health, emphasizing things like nutrition, mental and emotional health, and interpersonal relationships. While some professionals are certified specifically as holistic nurses, others combine this perspective with more traditional nursing practices. The AHNA site offers learning modalities and educational resources for all nurses interested in holistic health.

4. Nursing Informatics Learning Center

Providing 14 classes, a blog, and a quarterly magazine, this informative nursing website focuses on how technology is changing nursing practices. With self-assessments, nurses can determine their current skill level and then use the NILC resources to learn more. According to Forbes, this area of nursing, called informatics, is not only changing the delivery of individual healthcare services but also is allowing researchers to quickly analyze a large amount of data, potentially changing current standardized medical practices.

5. Nursing Times

Starting in print over 100 years ago, Nursing Times is now online and one of the longest-running nursing news resources offering information about new scientific developments, relevant public policy updates, and analysis of current events and trends by industry experts. The site also has a section dedicated to continuing education classes and career development.

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Working in healthcare is unlike other professions because nurses and medical providers are directly impacting an individual’s health, so the stakes are higher. As such, it is the responsibility of nurses to educate themselves throughout their careers, a task that is made easier by the many reliable and informative nursing websites available.