School Profile: Colorado Technical University

Studying for a Healthcare Career at CTU

Colorado Technical University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Best Colleges for a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Informatics.

Colorado Technical University offers a large number of health degree programs for students who want to work in this rapidly growing field. Its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is actually an RN to BSN program that makes it easy for students to continue their studies and work on a BSN degree while still working as a nurse. Students can start classes at the beginning or in the middle of each month, which allows them to start as soon as possible. Depending on the number of credits that they bring with them, students can complete this program in only nine months.

Those who want to spend less time in school may find the university’s online nursing program appealing. This program allows students to make the transition from an RN program to a BSN program and then get a Master of Science in Nursing too. Once students complete the online BSN program, they’ll enroll in the MSN program, which takes around 18 months to complete. Though nursing students must do practicums, the university will let them do that work in their current positions. The university also offers an online Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Graduate students have more options than just an MSN though. They can also earn a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management. This program is available on its Aurora and Colorado Springs campuses and online. It features 48 credits of required MBA classes and healthcare management classes, including Systems in Healthcare, Managing the Healthcare Organization, Strategic Human Capital Management and Applied Managerial Economics. The university’s Master of Science in Healthcare Management includes many of the same classes. and students can choose from the general track or an informatics concentration.

CTU offers two other programs for students with little to no college experience. One of those programs is an Associate of Science in Health Administration Services, while the other is an online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. Students can pick a concentration based on their future goals. This program features 180 credits and is available on its Colorado Springs campus too.

About Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University is a large for-profit university system that operates several campuses in Colorado and an online campus. Founded in 1965 as Colorado Technical College, it opened as a school for military veterans. The founders of the college noticed the problems that these men and women had when making the transition from military to civilian life and wanted to make things easier for them. Students could use their benefits and take classes to learn new skills. It wasn’t until 1995 that it became Colorado Technical University (CTU). Though many of its students are current or former military, the university also accepts both traditional and nontraditional students.

Though the university opened a campus in South Dakota, enrollment numbers fell, which led to the closure of that campus. Students can still take classes on its Aurora campus, which is close to Denver, or on its Colorado Springs campus. More than 90 percent of its students take all their classes online. U.S. News & World Report included CTU on many of its top lists, including its lists of the top bachelor’s programs, top MBA programs, and best graduate degree programs.

Colorado Technical University Accreditation Details

The university has regional accreditation as well as specialty accreditation. Its regional accreditation comes from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NSACS). NCACS accreditation is important for any students who want to transfer classes and any student who needs financial aid. The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accredited its business programs, and it has specialty accreditation for its engineering programs too.

Colorado Technical University Application Requirements

Unlike other schools, CTU does not have an application deadline. Classes start regularly and usually start each month. Students can apply and then start classes at the beginning of the next session. The university encourages students to speak with one of its admissions counselors. Those counselors can collect all the necessary information from students, which lets students skip filling out the online application. Students who use the online system will find that they can complete the application in 15 minutes or less. CTU accepts undergrads who have high school diplomas, those who completed a homeschool program and those with a GED.

Some programs have other admissions requirements. Students enrolling in the RN to BSN program must have a nursing degree from an accredited school. The university does not require that they have their nursing licenses though. Students can actually enroll in the program and take classes before passing the national licensing exam. Those living in nine states, including Louisiana and Virginia, cannot enroll in this program. Students can check with the university to see if they can take online classes while living in a different state.

All the MBA and graduate programs available from the university require that incoming students have a college degree from an accredited school too. Students may need to provide those departments with other documents like a writing sample or a personal statement. CTU may also ask for letters of recommendation from the student’s previous employers or college professors also.

Tuition and Financial Aid

CTU makes it easy for students to find out how it costs to earn a degree because it often charges a flat rate for its programs. Students in the RN to BSN program can finish their degrees for around $13,000, while those who want to earn an MSN degree will pay this amount and then spend around $18,000 to finish the graduate program. All of the university’s bachelor’s degree programs cost $325 per credit hour, but students must also pay some university fees. CTU charges $585 per credit hour for most of its graduate programs and $370 per credit hour for its graduate nursing programs.

One benefit of taking online classes from the university is that students can save on some fees and costs. Online students of all ages can apply for financial aid too. Aid packages for undergrads usually include grants and loans from the government. The university offers institutional grants for doctoral students and will accept military benefits too. More than $30 million of the money that the university receives each year comes from students using the GI Bill. Graduate students can apply for federal loans and use alternative student loans to pay for the cost of attending Colorado Technical University.