5 Great Blogs About Health Care 2016

Whether you’re a health care worker or an interested patient, reading blogs about health care can be a good way to stay updated on news and trends. Advances in technology, among other things, ensures that health care is a rapidly changing field. Keeping up with news and issues related to health care doesn’t need to be boring or sporadic. Bookmarking some solid blogs that provide interesting and timely posts can help to keep you informed.

Below are 5 informative blogs about health care.


This catchy one word title of the health care blog of the New York Times is a reminder that we read health care news not just for information but so that we can be well. The NYT blog packs their page with posts about current health care topics that matter to everybody, including posts on exercise, food choices, and medicines. Their weekly health care quiz helps you see if you’ve been keeping up with health care headlines. You can also send health care questions to their experts.

Public Health Matters

An interest in public health might take you to Public Health Matters, a health care blog put out by the Centers for Disease Control. Some of the recent posts on PHM include articles on holiday food safety tips, tips for preparing for natural disaster emergencies, preparing for heat waves, and mosquito control awareness issues.

Wego Health Blog

Wego Health is an unusual and important blog space. Posts are written by various health activists who personally struggle with illnesses such as autoimmune disease, irritable bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other issues. These activists advocate for changes in health education and awareness and provide encouragement and information for others who suffer. This blog provides inspiration for patients who are educating themselves and advocating for themselves too.

Upstream Downstream

So much health care information is disseminated these days that it can be difficult to keep up on issues that are truly important or to know who to trust or where to go for information. Upstream Downstream is a university-student run blog that delves into the all important area of health communication and invites debate on that topic. Issues under discussion there include research dissemination, planning medical publications, health care myths, health care marketing language, and more. The students who manage the blog are studying interdisciplinary health communication at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Discover Health and Medicine

Discover magazine’s tag line is “science for the curious.” They run a number of blogs for those who are curious about all sorts of things, including a blog on health and medicine. Posts range from advice and trends to posts on medical history. Some items of recent interest include gene variants behind aggressive cancers, new insights into morphine production, the history of penicillin, the importance of sleep to health, and how gene therapy might help people with hearing issues.

While traditional medical publications can still be a good way to stay updated on health care issues and trends, sometimes you don’t need in depth analysis. If you’re looking for ways to simply refresh your mind regarding issues important in the the health care industry before diving deeper, then bookmarking and reading blogs about health care 2016 might be worth your while.

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