5 Conferences for Health Administration in 2016

Healthcare is a dynamic industry that has seen rapid changes in the recent past, and your education as a healthcare administrator shouldn’t stop after you get your degree. To learn how to navigate new challenges in your field, consider attending conferences that offer opportunities to network with others and earn CME credits as you listen to speakers and participate in events.

AAHAM Annual National Institute

Every year, over 500 members of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) attend the National Institute. This conference focuses on the field of patient account management, which is an integral part of any medical practice. As a professional in this field, it’s your job to handle important patient account paperwork, maintain records and ensure that all data is properly managed and filed. Attendees of the National Institute get the chance to network with colleagues, connect with new people and learn how to do their jobs more effectively.

AAPA Conference

The American Academy of Physician’s Assistants (AAPA) isn’t strictly an organization of administrators, but part of their goal is to help PAs become better leaders. The Academy also seeks to increase respect for PAs, and their annual conference can help practitioners in the field gain that respect. As the “largest PA-focused CME event in the world” with over 6,000 PAs in attendance every year, the AAPA conference aims to help PAs make their practices better, build leaders for the future of the profession and provide networking opportunities for these often undervalued medical professionals.

Governance Institute Leadership Conferences

Several times a year in various cities around the US, the Governance Institute offers its leadership conferences for administrators serving on the boards of healthcare institutions. Attending these conferences offers the opportunity for you to interact with many other professionals, build new connections and learn how to improve the quality of the healthcare organization that you work for. Through a variety of educational sessions, these conferences provide information that will help you create better alliances, better systems and better financial management practices with the goal of improving patient care.

HCAA Executive Forum

The annual gathering of the Health Care Administrators Association (HCAA) is known as the “Executive Forum” and features a roster of speakers on subjects such as current healthcare concerns, changes in legislation and the role of technology in the medical field. If there’s something you want to learn about the current state of medicine or how modern advances may affect the future of health care, the Executive Forum is the conference for you. Multiple speaking sessions from a diverse panel of experts provide an immersive experience that prepares you to be a better leader.

Studer Conferences

Healthcare professionals in leadership positions are just one of the groups that can benefit from the multiple Studer Conferences held in several North American cities. In addition to an annual conference in Chicago, the group also puts on events in Orlando, Las Vegas, Toronto and Washington, D.C. These conferences are designed to help those in the medical field handle the increasing responsibilities demanded by the industry. By bringing professionals together with the common goal of improving patient care, the Studer Conferences aim to educate attendees and send them back to their practices with “new and practical skills.”

These conferences give you a better understanding of the state of the healthcare industry so that you can create strong management strategies for the future. You’ll come away with fresh ideas to improve leadership and a new group of friends and contacts to help you continue to make your institution the best it can be.

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