The Top 10 Cities With the Most Health Care Jobs

The health care industry offers a number of dynamic employment opportunities to qualified professionals of all educational levels. With a workforce of over 14.3 million jobs as of 2008, and recent reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicting an additional 3.2 million job openings for qualified workers through 2018, the health care system offers stable, secure employment to those just entering the industry and those seeking to propel their careers. Growth within the health care industry is due largely to reform and changes necessary accommodate an aging population, advancing technology, and medical breakthroughs. Specific geographic areas within the United States offer individuals in the field increased employability, based upon factors like education, experience, and specialization.

Ranking the Top 10 Cities With the Most Health Care Jobs

Here is a list of the Top 10 Cities With The Most Health Care Jobs based the top medical facilities within the nation, job availability, unemployment rates, population growth, and industrial growth.

1. Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is home to the world famous Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest group of research and healthcare institutions. As a non-profit organization, the Texas Medical Center is comprised of 49 member health care organizations focused upon improving patient and preventative care, education, research, and local, national, and global public health and wellness. The Texas Medical Center employs one of the very largest health care workforces, numbering over 73,600 individuals. As a leader in the industry, Houston is home to the world’s best medical schools, cancer care clinics, psychiatric treatment centers, air emergency services, and long term acute care providers in the U.S.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one of the largest cities defined as a hub for biomedical and pharmaceutical firms. Local economies have seen rapid growth in health, research, and education sectors and relatively low unemployment rates in recent years in comparison to other cities of the same demographics. As home to the Academy and College of Philadelphia founded by Benjamin Franklin as the first medical school during 1749, Philadelphia has a longstanding legacy as a leader in medical and pharmaceutical industries. The city’s extensive medical system also features the University of Pennsylvania’s largest teaching hospital with affiliations based in the Temple University School of Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Philadelphia also supports numerous pharmaceutical organizations like GlaxoSmith Kline, Wyeth, Merck, Johnson and Johnson as well as numerous professional medical association headquarters.

3. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland has some of the lowest unemployment rates due to its proximity to Washington, DC. Individuals with an educational background in health care fields are expected to find a number of employment opportunities within public and governmental organizations. During 2003, the Governor’s Healthcare Workforce Summit secured $2.5 million dollars in federal funding to establish the Center for Industry Initiatives designed to expand employment within the State’s health care with successful results for current and prospective health care workers. The combined efforts of the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of Defense, allied state agencies, health care industry employers, educational representatives, and state licensing boards have assisted in decreasing workforce shortages and raise best practice standards in the field.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

Health care workers find world class medical facilities and research universities offering numerous job prospects in Boston, Massachusetts. The Cambridge-Qunicy area has one of the most thriving health care industries within the U.S. due in part to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) federally funded programs. Backed by $2 billion dollars in NIH monies, the Boston area offers educated workers, researchers, and health care facilities low unemployment rates, strong economic growth, and secure employment.

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is one of the leading employers to workers with health care backgrounds due to the number of expanding health care systems within its economy. Milwaukee has a number of public, private, and non-profit health care businesses affiliated with local and federal organizations. The Milwaukee Regional Medical Complex, Aurora Health Care, and Thedacare are just a few of many facilities which give health practitioners, social workers, and other professionals the ability to gain employment within thriving, dynamic organizations based upon providing the industry’s best patient care.

6. Denver, Colorado

Since 1990, Denver, Colorado has offered health care workers sustainable and secure employment through its Health Care and Social Assistance program. The industry has added thousands of jobs every year since implementing the program with an increase in job availability, decrease in unemployment rates, lower labor turnover rates and layoffs, and numerous thriving organizations in the field of health care. The Colorado Labor Market reports the city is home to a number of the nation’s top health care employers, like: the Medical Center of Aurora, Quest Diagnostics, Bonfils Blood Center, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and the Columbine Physicians Group.

7. Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo, North Dakota has been historically based in agricultural sectors of the economy due to its abundant dominance in the field though recent trends lean toward manufacturing, technology, higher education, and health care opportunities. Some of the nation’s largest non-governmental based agencies have headquarters located in Fargo including: Blue Cross/Blue Shield/ Inovis Health, and Sanford Health. With over 23% of the work force employed in educational, research, or health care based jobs, Forbes magazine has listed Fargo as the 7th best small city in the U.S. to establish or advance a career or business.

8. New York, New York

As one of the most expensive cities within the U.S., New York, New York receives over $1.2 billion dollars in NIH funding to focus on expanding medical care and research since 2009. Despite faltering finance and banking industries, New York is home to rapid and far reaching growth in public and private health care sectors, medical research, and medical technologies. With one of the largest populations of residents aged 65 or older, New York is one of the best places for health care workers to gain employment within medical research, medical technology, non-profit institutions, and universities as the City develops means of expansion and advancement.

9. Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Clinic, located within Cleveland, Ohio, is one of America’s best hospitals per the U.S. News and World report. As one of the city’s largest private employers, the Cleveland Clinic offers dynamic employment opportunities within its University Hospitals of Cleveland and MetroHealth medical centers. The city is home to world renowned centers for cancer treatment, fuel cell research, biotechnology, and innovation. Cleveland has supported consistent job growth for providers of health care, the pharmaceutical industry and research, as well as health care support and service industries since 2005 per the Center For Economic Development.

10. Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia is one of the most prominent locations within the United States offering internationally renown research, education, and specialized roles within the health care industry. The Eastern Virginia Medical School, Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center, V.A. Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters provide health care professionals sustainable employment, training, research, and continuing education opportunities based upon grants provided by the National Institutes of Health and other federal programs. Additionally, Norfolk is the headquarters for international non-profit organizations like Operation Smile and Physicians for Peace to assist patients within developing countries. As one of the top ten states with the lowest unemployment rates and strong economy based in diversity, culture, and commerce, Norfolk is a great location to build a career in health care.

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