5 Healthcare Conferences in 2017

As a doctor, nurse or another healthcare professional, attending one of the top healthcare conferences can help you find a new job, improve your bedside manner and find out about new research and innovations in that field. No matter what type of work you do in the healthcare field, you can find the right conference to attend.

Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit

Austin, Texas is the location of the 2017 Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit, which will take place April 24-26. The Healthcare Strategy Institute plans to bring together doctors and marketing professionals to discuss some of the unique ways of marketing healthcare services to the general public. It will focus closely on some of the newer problems facing those professionals, including those with less insurance coverage and patients who seek medical advice online. The Institute plans to offer a number of workshops too.

Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference

The Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2017 will run from March 1-3 in Orlando, Florida. Designed for healthcare managers, billing and coding workers and others who may not work directly with patients, it looks at some of the ways those professionals can improve the services they offer. The experts speaking at the conference will talk about the healthcare industry as a business and how patients are similar to customers. In addition to networking opportunities, the conference also has displays from companies that sell medical software and other tools, workshops that guests can attend and panels with leading experts in the field.

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HIMISS ’17 is an upcoming conference that looks at healthcare trends and changes in that industry. Guest speakers will include former House of Representatives member John Boehner and celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary. The cybersecurity command center features new products and methods of protecting your patients’ private information, while the exhibition area features tools and supplies for sale that your facility might need. Scheduled for February 19-23, the conference takes place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. More than 45,000 people will come out for one or more days of the conference.

Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice & the Community

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement will hold its 18th annual Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice & the Community April 20-22 in Orlando. Scheduled events include nine smaller classes, three keynote speakers and networking opportunities. According to the official site, it will also offer more than 30 workshops and an exhibit gallery that features some of the leading medical and healthcare products for sale. The conference focuses on teaching medical professionals how they can offer their patients a higher level of care.

American Medical Directors Association Conference

The American Medical Directors Association Conference, also known as the AMDA conference, is one of the best healthcare conferences. It opens on March 16 and closes on March 19, and it takes place in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center. Dietitians, nurses, doctors and pharmacists are just some of the professionals who attend every year. It includes an exhibition area that features vendors selling medical supplies and keynote speakers who represent some of the top names in the healthcare industry. You can also sign up for workshops and other sessions relating to patient care and other topics.

Conferences for healthcare professionals cover some of the most important topics in the industry, including cybersecurity, reaching out to patients in the community and using new forms of technology. When you sign up for one of the upcoming healthcare conferences scheduled for 2017, you’ll have the chance to attend workshops relating to all these topics.